The project "Illusions" began in 2016 in Yekaterinburg with the work "The Illusion of Choice". This project is a series of anamorphic inscriptions that are read only from one point of view, thus being an optical illusion. The technique of anamorphic illusions in this project is the language, which the work speaks, and the list of works in Russian is collected in a poem:

Illusions of choice, order and work,

illusions of development,wealth and comfort,

illusions of well-being, stability, progress,

illusions of unity, individuality, protest.

Illusions of strength and beauty, movement,

illusions of calmness and purity, communication.

Illusions of being, consciousness and bliss,

illusions of self, prosperity, perfection.

Illusions of eternity, past and future,

illusions of time, good and better.

Illusions of peace, beginning and growth,

final, reality, illusion just...

Illusion of choice, Yekaterinburg 2016
Illusion of order, St. Petersburg 2017
Illusion of work, Yekaterinburg 2019
Illusion of development, St. Petersburg 2017
Illusion of wealth, Noyabrsk 2017
Illusion of comfort, Moscow 2019
Illusion of well-being, Noyabrsk 2017
Illusion of stability, Yekaterinburg 2018
Illusion of progress, Moscow 2018
Illusion of unity, Moscow 2019
Illusion of individuality, Moscow 2019
Illusion of protest, Yekaterinburg 2019
Illusion of strength, Nizhny Novgorod 2018
Illusion of beauty, Moscow 2019
Illusion of movement, St. Petersburg 2018
Illusion of calmness, Moscow 2020
Illusion of purity, St. Petersburg 2017
Illusion of communication, Moscow 2020
Illusion of being, Starodubskoe 2020
Illusion of consciousness, Starodubskoe 2020
Illusion of bliss, Starodubskoe 2020
Елабуга 2021
Illusion of prosperity, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk 2020
Illusion of perfection, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk 2020
Illusion of eternity, Yurginskoe 2022
Illusion of the past, St. Petersburg 2018
Illusion of the future, St. Petersburg 2018
Illusion of time, Moscow 2021
Illusion of good, St. Petersburg 2019
Illusion of the best, St. Petersburg 2019
Illusion of Peace, Ashkelon 2017
Illusion of the beginning, Naberezhnye Chelny 2021
The illusion of growth, Nizhny Novgorod 2018
Illusion of the final, Naberezhnye Chelny 2021
Illusion is simple, Yekaterinburg 2019
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